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Victorious Living in a Depressed World

Victorious Living in a Depressed World

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Depression is a scourge that plagues large segments of society and stretches across all ages. Dr Leslie Lim, a psychiatrist, looks at this subject from both a clinical angle and a theological set of lenses. He traces the spiritual origins of the illness and gives practical handles on how the depressed person can overcome generational issues and ungodly beliefs, and obtain relief from hurt emotions and other aspects of the depressive condition. Useful tips are given on how family, friends, counsellors, and the church can assist those overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness, low self-esteem and thoughts of self-harm. Make no mistake: Depression is the enemy. But there is victory ahead, and light at the end of the dark tunnel, provided we use the tools, weapons, and strategies God has made available to us, as described in this book.

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