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[Ready Stock] Become a God-chaser Book (Student)

[Ready Stock] Become a God-chaser Book (Student)

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The BECOME series, as the title suggests, seeks to shift the focus of Christian education from merely engaging in the right kind of behaviour to becoming the right kind of person. Instead of adopting the conventional Bible-study approach which prioritises knowledge-transference, these materials combine elements of daily self-study, scripture memory and weekly group interactions guided by a trained facilitator. It is hence not just informative but formative. It aims not just to feed you, but to help you learn to feed yourself. The ultimate goal is to encourage you to become conformed to the image of Christ.


BECOME a God-Chaser is the first book of the series. We all start out by wanting to use God, but the irony is we get the most from God when we pursue him wholeheartedly for his own sake instead. We grow in maturity and holiness not so much by focusing on self-improving as by knowing and seeking God. That is our greatest duty as well as our highest joy. This book will help you get started on that journey that by exploring one different aspect of God each week for 8 consecutive weeks. You will find the exercise inspiring yet humbling, profound yet practical. Above all, you will be challenged to become the kind of man or woman of God that you were always meant to be.


Product description:

A4 sized booklet


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