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Bloom Where You are Planted {Door Mat}

Bloom Where You are Planted {Door Mat}

SKU: TC7028033

Brand The Commandment Co

Elevate your daily path with our "Bloom Where You Are Planted" Flower Door Mat, a radiant addition to our "Thrive and Flourish" series. This door mat serves as a powerful reminder to strive for your best, regardless of your circumstances. With God's grace, you can flourish wherever life has planted you, illuminating every step of your journey with divine light.


Product Highlights:

"Bloom Where You Are Planted" encapsulates the spirit of resilience and faith. Place it at your doorstep, and let it serve as a daily source of inspiration. Every step you take will be a testament to your unwavering commitment to shine for God in all that you do.

This door mat isn't merely decorative; it's a daily practice, a reminder to embrace your unique path and grow abundantly. With God's grace, you can rise above challenges, bloom in any environment, and be a beacon of His light.


Perfect for:

Daily Encouragement: Use this door mat as a touch point for daily reflection and encouragement.

Gift Giving: Share the message of resilience and spiritual growth with loved ones as a symbol of support and inspiration.

Embrace your journey, wherever it may lead. Step confidently onto the "Bloom Where You Are Planted" Flower Door Mat, and let it illuminate your path with divine purpose.

With God's grace, we blossom and shine, wherever we are planted.

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Non-slip dotted rubber back
  • Measurements: Approx 31cm x 55cm
  • Washing instructions: Hand wash
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