I had found my rock bottom, and instead of pulling me out, the God of the universe met me there in the rubble. What is your response when your life turns upside down? When you lose your job? When you receive a difficult diagnosis? Do you blame God or beg Him for a way out of your suffering? In more than a decade of misdiagnoses and debilitating treatments, Stephanie Tait admits she did plenty of both before hearing the two words that had drastically altered her life: Lyme disease. Yet she has discovered it's in her pain that Jesus is most present. Through personal stories and biblical examples, you will learn that suffering connects you to God as He meets you in your moment of pain strengthens your community when you allow others to comfort you in your sorrow gives you greater appreciation for life's goodness as you gain an eternal perspective Even if the healing never comes, there is something sacred in the suffering. It's from holy rubble that God makes all things new.

The View from Rock Bottom

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