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The Bible's Secrets to Counselling

The Bible's Secrets to Counselling

SKU: 9789814668521

When counselling people, what do you turn to—Science or the Bible? Why not both? Kirby Chua is a trained psychologist and clinical supervisor with more than 15 years of experience. As a born-again Christian, he sees that biblical principles undergird many of the techniques and therapies in professional counselling. Want to overcome anger, fear and insecurity? Or, are you helping someone with their struggles in these areas? Learn about a holistic approach to counselling and help people reach a deeper level of healing by applying the principles found in the Bible to reinforce scientific methods Kirby teaches you how to arm yourself with the five secrets to counsel with grace as you battle against the enemies of mental health, and go forward in your understanding of God, the world and yourself. If you're a Christian counsellor or if you're searching for a self-help book to strengthen your faith as well as your mind, this is the book for you.

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