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Spiritual Disciplines for Urban Christians

Spiritual Disciplines for Urban Christians

SKU: 978914863674

The Christian life is a disciplined life lived in the presence of God. While God takes the initiative to find us, it is through the godly and faithful practice of spiritual disciplines, enabled by His grace, that we can remain in His presence. This book deals with those critical disciplines that help us to live in an internal spiritual environment in which we can practise disciplines such as Bible-reading, prayer, discerning God’s will, worship, fasting and doing good. Those spiritual disciplines are solitude, silence, stillness, simplicity and service. Each of these is discussed at length, followed by practical suggestions. By reading, reflecting and practising, the reader can find that road that is less travelled and find deep blessings in God’s presence and true ministry in a world that is dominated by speed without direction, noise without truth, crowds without community, material plenty without spiritual fullness, and selfishness without love.

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