Quieting the Shout of Should: How a Life of Less Can Lead to More

Quieting the Shout of Should: How a Life of Less Can Lead to More

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Trade comparison for contentment.

Self-criticism for confidence.

Insecurity for peace.


You feel the pressures from society, social media, and even yourself weighing heavy upon you: do more, be better, try harder. No matter how well you can fake it, this hustle to act like the model woman, wife, mother, and friend leaves you feeling exhausted and unworthy.


Crystal Stine spent years striving to meet those same impossible standards, only to realize this struggle was diminishing the woman God made her to be. In Quieting the Shout of Should, she shares how her heavenly Father transformed her priorities when she traded guilt and burnout for obedience and worship.


Incorporating personal stories, reflective devotions, and thoughtful discussion questions, Crystal will help prepare you to…

relinquish the burdens of perfectionism, comparison, and jealousy

choose small daily steps to refocus your gaze on God

find freedom by embracing all God made you to be

You don’t have to keep fighting to live up to the world’s ideals. Quieting the Shout of Should will help you redefine your self-worth and move into the abundant life God has for you.

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