How can you stay in love with your spouse? Practice forgiveness. It's that simple. But it's also really difficult. Saying "I'm sorry" and meaning it may be one of the biggest challenges you've ever faced. But your marriage may depend on it. Bill and Pam Farrel write from many years of experience as counselors to engaged and married couples. Over and over again, they've seen that healthy and happy couples have learned the power of forgiveness. They've been able to understand and accept God's dramatic sacrifice of forgiveness in Jesus' death on the cross. And they've been able to offer that same kind of forgiveness to each other. In Love, Honor & Forgive the Farrels speak honestly about forgiveness in marriage, offering plenty of stories for thought and suggestions for action. You'll discover  what forgiveness is and isn't how to find motivation to forgive when you're hurt or angry conversational techniques to help you ask for forgiveness tips for keeping the "little things" from turning into big ones steps to rebuilding trust with your spouse how to restore passion in your relationship after it's been damaged or broken the heavy toll bitterness takes--on you and your marriage how to forgive even when your spouse doesn't want forgiveness The Farrels offer honest, practical and motivating counsel to help you restore or grow the love in your marriage. Asking and offering forgiveness is at the center. 

[Pre-loved] Love, Honour & Forgive


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