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Even If He Doesn't

Even If He Doesn't

SKU: 9781496478528

So much of our belief can be formulaic. We often think that if we do A, B, and C, then God will do X, Y, and Z. We check things off the “Good Christian Checklist,” trusting we’ll be okay, and our trials will be minimal. But when our experiences inevitably deviate from that belief, our trust in God often crumbles. After a series of life-altering trials--including a devastating diagnosis--uncovering faith in the cracks of pain is something Kristen LaValley knows well.

In Even If He Doesn’t, Kristen will:

· share her vulnerable and honest story

· unpack the nuances of suffering and faith, holding space for the tension between the two

· reveal how engaging the gentleness and grace of Christ in our suffering offers a surprising path to healing

· remind us that when our belief is reduced to a formula, we rob ourselves of a faith that’s enriched by suffering, not crippled by it

Those in the midst of heartache will find strength and renewal as Kristen approaches the complexity of suffering with compassion, guiding us to endure while not forsaking the joy, hope, and peace of those marked by Jesus.

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